Welcome to ShoxGuard website, homepage of innovative
anti-cheat system for Massive Multiplayer Online Games

ShoxGuard is coded with maximum protection possible.
By using special libraries and drivers, our anti-cheat
guarantees the highest level of protection. This anti-cheat
is very easy in integrating with game. It's also very
difficult to bypass by cheaters. ShoxTeam still updates
ShoxGuard to fix every possible hole in our protection.

The biggest advantages of ShoxGuard

- Encoding main executable file of game and DLL files
- Anti-speed hack and anti-suspending game protection
- Automatic abuse reporting to the cheater's ISP
- Blocking auto-mouse and auto-keyboard operations
- Automatic and regular updates
- Anti-debugger protection
- Finding and blocking well-known cheats
- Anti DLL Injection protection
- API functions to scan memory and game files
- Direct3D VTable & interface hooking detection

Why ShoxGuard?

ShoxGuard, because of many cheat blocking tricks
is ready to protect even well-known games. We've
implemented a technique that partly hides game
process from operating system(cheats don't "see"
PID of game, but player still can for example kill
game using Task Manager). Anti-cheat, because of
many innovative ShoxTeam ideas, can detect tries of
injecting DLL libraries into game process - this is
one of main reasons that makes ShoxGuard better than
other anti-cheats.